Schemas and ontologies


A Web tool for converting CAs with dating information to relative time intervals as RDF.


Multilingual glossary designed to enhance access to archaeological data.


The ArchVocab ontologies by Leif Isaksen


ARCSCore is a metadata standard for organizing and sharing digital versions of non-digital documents created during the course of an archaeological investigation


A Collection of R S4 Classes that Represent Archaeological Data.

Bridging the Gap ENCODE Database

Shared definitions of digital competences needed by graduate students in the programmes focusing on written cultural heritage.

Electronic Babylonian Literature Project

Brings together ancient Near Eastern specialists and data scientists to revolutionize the way in which the literature of Iraq in the first millennium BCE is reconstructed and analyzed.


R package for year-based time scales

FISH Vocabularies

A suite of terminologies developed for indexing cultural heritage.


An open call to edit and revise current typological assignments and attributes associated with diagnostic artifacts found across the National Forests and Grasslands in Texas (NFGT).


A Data Package specification for archaeological stratigraphy data following the Harris Matrix convention.


Shortcodes to describe inclusions in ceramic bodies.


Exchange data format (XML) for NoNeK (Nordmitteleuropäische Neolithische Keramik).


Metadata scheme for National Register of Historic Places, transcribed from the National Park Service NPS Bulletin 16


Poseidon is a framework that seeks to provide standardized ways to store and share archaeogenetic, and perhaps more broadly, molecular archaeological datasets.


Roman Peasant Project Small Finds Ontology

The Southwestern Taphonomic Protocol

A set of analyses to control for variable taphonomic impacts on archaeological faunal datasets.


TRiDaS is a universal data exchange standard for the dendrochronology community. This project contains the data standard itself as well as libraries and tools useful for reading, writing and converting dendro data files.