Public archaeology

A bibliography of public archaeology and archaeological heritage management in the Mediterranean

A collection of references about public archaeology and archaeological heritage management in/from the Mediterranean.


How does wikipedia see archaeology?


An Archaeology Stop Motion Movie Festival!

Day of Archaeology Archive

Archive of content shared during the annual Day of Archaeology from 2011-2017.


A Distant Reading of the Day of Archaeology


export of posts from


Historical Street View API


Simple web app that helps to bulk follow archaeologists on the FOSS microblogging service Mastodon.

OHM Data Index

The data index considers a collection of research areas that broadly stroke an idea of the level of completeness in the knowledge of a given period and timeframe.

Open History Map

A web-GIS platform containing spatial historical and archaeological data.


A text analysis program to explore online content about prehistoric rock art.


This repo contains the code for an interactive website created to illustrate historical background, findings and data of the Siponto excavation site (Manfredonia, Italy)


Explore and share your favourite archaeological sites and itineraries.


Using R with wikipedia for various things

A community driven archaeological map of classical antiquity, inspired by and modelled after Wikipedia.