Educational resources and practical guides

A Mobile Data-Collection Workflow for Archaeologists

A list of tools and resource for data collection and processing in the field.


Scientific Computing Environment for archaeology: Installing R, Rstudio and other things on a lightweight Linux in a VirtualBox virtual machine

ABC of Archaeobotanical Open Science

A list of terms related to open archaeobotanical science.

ABM tutorials

A collection of tutorial on agent-based modelling for archaeologists.


code repository and website for Agent-Based Modeling for Archaeology.

Analysing Stable Isotope Data

Tutorial on how to visualise, analyse and interpret stable isotope data


Practice some techniques for analysing archaeological radiocabon ages using R.


Information and guidelines for a workshop about managing archaeological databases


A quick demo of archaeological social network analysis in R


Faked GIS-Datasets, simulating an island in the Atlantic for educational purposes in using GIS in archaeology

Bibliographic Database of African Scholarship on African Archaeology

An open-access database of African archaeology publications by African and Afrodescendant scholars.

Bridging the Gap ENCODE Database

Shared definitions of digital competences needed by graduate students in the programmes focusing on written cultural heritage.


Statistical methods for archaeological data analysis, course website repository.


A bookdown powered manual for the small scale cultural heritage organization looking to leverage various chi techniques for their own collections.

Various legacy archaeology datasets for use as practical pedagogical case studies.

Digital Encyclopedia of Archaeologists

A webpage containing brief biographical information about some iconic archaeologists.


Documenting and sharing my ad-hoc fieldwork database setup


Datasets for teaching quantitative approaches and modeling in archaeology and paleontology. This package provides several types of data related to broad topics (cultural evolution, radiocarbon dating, paleoenvironments, etc.), which can be used to illustrate statistical methods in the classroom (multivariate data analysis, compositional data analysis, diversity measurement, etc.).


Datasets for Teaching Archaeology and Palaeontology.


GIS Projects for teaching and learning about Computational Archaeology


A LaTeX textbook devoted to explain how archaeologists can work with GRASS GIS


Data visualization guidelines for stable isotopes graphs, with examples


Data and script to generate a map of the Netherlands for isotopic analyses


Resources relevant to visualisation of isotopic results


Routines to read and analyze LA-ICP-MS data from the Field Museum’s Elemental Analysis Facility


Loading a Marble Plan fragment.


R Shiny Document - Visualizing model functions in Neimans ‘Stylistic variation in evolutionary perspective’ with an interactive document.


An introduction to the issues, methods, and techniques of digital archaeology, integrated with working code and virtual computing environments or ’notebooks’ written in Python or R.


Project to create community awareness of open science practices, provide training and establish a working group for open science.

Plotting Dental Inventory with ggplot2

tutorial on an intuitive way to visualise a dental inventory in a sample


This simulation tool aims to help students and researchers to start to see what pollen looks like under the microscope, and start to identify common pollen grains.


A tutorial for (archaeological) predictive mapping using r

R for data analysis and visualization of Archaological Data

Data Analysis and Visualization in R for Archaologists, modified from the Data Carpentry R Workshop for Ecologists.


Online textbook about how tackle a wide range of problems using R.


A set of best practices, how-tos and implementations for publishing pottery drawings on the Web


A collection of texts, 3d models, and maybe other resources useful for teaching about the Roman Empire.


AutoCAD tutotial for archaeologists.


Tutorials on quantitative archaeology.


A page for video tutorials on R, specifically for archaeology