Chronological modelling


Tools to directly model underlying population dynamics using chronological datasets (radiocarbon and other) with a variety of models, including Continuous Piecewise Linear (CPL) model framework, and model comparison framework using BIC. Package also calibrates 14C samples, and generates Summed Probability Distributions (SPD). CPL modelling directly estimates the most likely population trajectory given a dataset, using SPD simulation analysis to generate a Goodness-of-fit test for the best selected model.


Allen relations from Bayesian calibration: R function to compare two indefinite intervals produced by a Bayesian calibration using the Allen algebra.


A R package for the aoristic analysis of archaeological data.


R package for aoristic analysis; the goal of aoristic is to make sense of temporally vague data.


Bayesian Modeling of Archaeological Chronologies.


Tools for the post-processing of the Markov Chain simulated by any software used for the construction of archeological chronologies.


Post-Processing of the Markov Chain Simulated by ‘ChronoModel’, ‘Oxcal’ or ‘BCal’.


R package for the analysis of the fragmentation of archeological objects


Frequency time-series tools for archaeology.


Bayesian tools for reconstructing past demography.


Chronological Modelling of Archaeological Data using Bayesian Statistics.


Applications for obtaining chronograms (quantified chronology diagrams) and time distribution curves of archaeological or historical units from quantified dating indicators treated as inaccuracy intervals.


Converting date ranges into dating ‘steps’ eases the visualization of changes in e.g. pottery consumption, style and other variables over time. This package provides tools to process and prepare data for visualization.


An integrated framework that allows scientists to generate state-of-the-art age models for their records, create time-uncertain ensembles of their data, analyze those ensembles with a number of commonly-used techniques, and visualize their results in an intuitive way.


A collection of functions that can be used to execute OxCal from within R

Seriographe EPPM

The EPPM serograph is a graphical tool for chronological serialization of archaeological furniture counting tables.


R package for archaeological stratigraphy and chronological sequences.