Bits and bobs


Functions to help with the preprocessing steps in anthropological research.


Linux distribution with specialist software for archaeological purposes.


Script for extracting c14 dates from text.


Fix the Exif.Image.Artist tag based on user input depending from the camera model. Useful if you have a bunch of photographs from different people all mixed up.


A collection of functions that built in different points in time. The functions’ aim spans from univariate outlier detection, to permutation t test, permutation chi-square test, calculation of Brainerd-Robinson similarity coefficient, validation of logistic regression models, point pattern analysis, and more.


You have a sequence of numbered items and want to check if any are missing.


A tool for automatically measuring tree-ring width using image processing techniques.


Script to convert a folder of Dutch archaeological reports (PDFs) to XML files nested by section, chapter, heading.


Some scripts that could be useful for QGIS users.


Scripts to create QR-Code images for storage boxes. Each box has an associated web page describing its content, and the QR-Code serves as a short-link from the physical object to the web page.

Sériation de matrice en présence/absence

Excel file containing macro commands making it possible to transform a 1/0 table (presence / absence) into a graphic matrix treated by matrix permutations; it is possible to take into account the uncertain presence of a character. The instructions for use are contained in the file.


The Soil Texture Wizard is a set of R functions designed to produce texture triangles (also called texture plots, texture diagrams, texture ternary plots), classify and transform soil textures data


A set of extra utilities that extend the functionlaity provided by core packages for spatial data management and analysis in R.


Converts time period entities to standardised date ranges.