Artefact morphology


Calculate the capacity of a ceramic vessel, like an amphora.


.obj slicing for lithic 3d morphometrics.


An R package to derive outline shapes from (multiple) artefacts on JPEG images.


A simple app for tracing outlines of an irregular shape and exporting the coordinates of the outline.


Brings together a range of methods for analysing the time series, shapes and other properties of archaeological artefacts.


dsanalysis is the backbone of the sdsbrowser webapp, and can be employed to analyse SDS stone artefact data in R.


sdsbrowser is an R Shiny WebApp developed to make the available SDS datasets (following the Systematic and Digital Documentation of Stone Artefacts recording system) more accessible. It is designed to give you a quick overview on the spatial and temporal scope of sites previously analysed with SDS and the distribution of artefacts within these sites.


TIPOM is based on a methodology that was developed in the 1960s by Bernardino Bagolini. The basic idea is to use the three simple dimensions of length, width and thickness of each lithic artefact to classify them in discrete groups and infer their function.


Digitize archeological drawings of vessels in order to calculate their capacity and weight.