3D modelling

3D libraries of ships

A 3D library of ancient (classical era) ships.


3d models of archaeological ceramics.


3D reconstruction of incomplete archaeological objects using a generative adversarial network (GAN).


Tools of Virtual Anthropology to build virtual cavities as endocasts, to align two disarticulated models belonging to the same specimen, and functions to import and export format files into another format.


An R package that provides functions for 3D tessellation with Voro++ and subsequent horizontal cutting of the resulting polygons for 2D plotting. It was developed for archaeological spatiotemporal data, but may as well be used for other three dimensional contexts.


Access and visualize 3D models of faunal remains.


Cherish is a tool that aids archaeologists and designers to represent historical, urban and archaeological structures and sites in 3D by means of image manipulation and sketching. Combine disparate data types such as photographs, illustrations, diagrams, text annotations, point cloud representation, etc, into a comprehensive 3D space, to make 3D sense of the data.


Installer files for Cherish software.

Corallium Fabrica

Set of 3D models of coral skeletons, which may be used as a reference collection.


Extracts and calculates from long bone cross sections, cortical thickness maps, and biomechanically pertinent cross-sectional geometric properties.


A modular software for display, editing and visualization of 3D-data typically acquired with structured light scanning (SLS) or structure from motion (SfM).


Enables the creation of a high quality 3D model of an archaeological artefact via process known as photo-masking.


3D amphitheatres.


An R package for processing and analyzing 3D scans of archaeological lithics.


Loading a Marble Plan fragment.


These tools are meant to help you render orthographic views of 3D models for archaeological publication by simplifying, segmenting, cleaning and rendering 3D meshes.

PAThs Simple Vectorization Protocol

Protocol to vecotorize archaeological or architectonic legacy data.


Piwigo plugin for viewing 3D models using 3DHOP.


R package for 3D reconstruction of archaeological excavations.