Web apps


Shiny app to analyse Al2O3:C measurements


A Web tool for converting CAs with dating information to relative time intervals as RDF.


The goal of this project is to spatially locate bibliographic resources regarding the archaeology of Anatolia (modern Turkey). This takes the bibliography of archaeology to the next level by showing not only the topics and authors, but where the archaeological research is being done.


An online space for sharing data, 3d models, etc about archaeological objects to enable the comparison of these objects


an app to collect data on archaeological objects.


Arches is a web platform for creating, managing, & visualizing geospatial data. Arches was inspired by the needs of the Cultural Heritage community, particularly the widespread need of organizations to build & manage cultural heritage inventories.


A light-weight database application designed to standardize and simplify data entry of archaeological or historical artifacts


This is a Django project to obtain statistical information from an ARK project. It is aimed to mine data from archaeological databases and create customizable visualizations, querying both text and geographical data.


The ARK v1.1.2 Stable Release. ARK (The Archaeological Recording Kit) is a web-based ‘toolkit’ for the collection, storage and dissemination of archaeological data. It includes data-editing, data-creation, data-viewing and data-sharing tools, all of which are delivered using a web-based front-end.


ARK (The Archaeological Recording Kit) 2.0 Development Repository. ARK (The Archaeological Recording Kit) is a web-based ‘toolkit’ for the collection, storage and dissemination of archaeological data. It includes data-editing, data-creation, data-viewing and data-sharing tools, all of which are delivered using a web-based front-end.


A tool for the geospatial analysis, literary network visualization, and plot mapping of ancient texts.


Access and visualize 3D models of faunal remains.


Peer reviewed and indexed articles published on Caddo archaeology since 2000.


Dashboard showing ceramic EDA and interaction network construction in the Late Prehistoric Central Illinois River Valley.


Dédalo is a knowledge management system for Cultural Heritage (tangible and intangible), Natural Heritage and Oral History/Memory.


DRAC is a Dose Rate and Age Calculator which has been designed to calculate environmental dose rates (_) and ages for trapped charge dating applications


Harris Matrix Visualization for the web using D3 + KLayJS-D3.


A web-based data management infrastructure that allows researchers to design, create, manage, analyse and publish their own richly-structured database(s) through a simple web interface, without the need for programmers or consultants.


Tool for assisted geocoding of historical datasets (something between a manual table editing and automated geocoding script)


Ishtar is a database project for managing archaeological data and documentation from archaeological operations, that prioritizes maximum traceability of the information. Designed to enable inter-database communication, the Ishtar project aims rather to a distributed information model than a centralized one: communication between the databases is favored.


An online tool for the comparative analysis of museum databases.


Shiny app to search and filter radiocarbon dates from various source databases, based on the R package c14bazAAR.


Management system for physical storage of archaeological finds

Open Context Python Code Repository

This project represents the current evolution of Open Context. It’s intended to be an easier to maintain code-base, and to make the data published by Open Context easier to maintain.


An open source, web based database system for complex archaeological, historical and geospatial data.


A simple app for tracing outlines of an irregular shape and exporting the coordinates of the outline.


A database interface designed to facilitate the irregular, iterative, and non-linear workflows that are commonly employed in lithic analysis.


Backend for one of the largest 14C-Database online.


Platform for crowdsourcing the digital recreation of lost heritage


sdsbrowser is an R Shiny WebApp developed to make the available SDS datasets (following the Systematic and Digital Documentation of Stone Artefacts recording system) more accessible. It is designed to give you a quick overview on the spatial and temporal scope of sites previously analysed with SDS and the distribution of artefacts within these sites.


graphical interface for DRAC


Shiny app for TL dating


This repo contains the code for an interactive website created to illustrate historical background, findings and data of the Siponto excavation site (Manfredonia, Italy)


A collection of time-stratigraphic publications.


An open source, web application for the presentation of archaeological data especially for burial studies.


Tool for Online Seriation and Correspondence Analysis.


Digitize archeological drawings of vessels in order to calculate their capacity and weight.