Applications for obtaining chronograms (quantified chronology diagrams) and time distribution curves of archaeological or historical units from quantified dating indicators treated as inaccuracy intervals.


This is a LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet designed to help you plan an aerial drone mapping survey mission.


Application (in LibreOffice Calc) for serializing a graphic matrix from counting tables. The application makes it possible to obtain either a serograph or a graph of the PVI matrograph type (visualization of the differences in independence from the percentages of independence values) which does not favor the vision of the variables over that of the lines and more suitable for non-chronological treatments.

Le Stratifiant

Application for creating stratigraphic diagrams and checking the consistency of the chronostratigraphic recording.

Seriographe EPPM

The EPPM serograph is a graphical tool for chronological serialization of archaeological furniture counting tables.

Sériation de matrice en présence/absence

Excel file containing macro commands making it possible to transform a 1/0 table (presence / absence) into a graphic matrix treated by matrix permutations; it is possible to take into account the uncertain presence of a character. The instructions for use are contained in the file.